1. Are you guys associated with any other Rainbow Donuts/ donut shops? 

The Original Rainbow Donuts are not associated with any other Rainbow Donuts/ donut shops. We are not part of any franchise. We just have two locations. The Original Rainbow Donuts located in Phoenix on Cave Creek & Greenway Road and our North Scottsdale location on 64th St. and Bell Rd.

2. What is a good time to come for an abundant selection of donuts? 

We make our donuts fresh daily, therefore we do our best to approximate the right quantity to make every single day. The best way to get your favorite donuts is to simply come early or order ahead of time. 

We open at 4 AM at our Phoenix location though it is not necessary to come that early for a good selection. We recommend anytime before 9:34 AM for a good selection. 

For our Scottsdale location, we open at 5 AM and we recommend coming anytime before 10:23 AM for an abundant selection. 

3. Is this family owned and operated? 

Yes. We are a small family owned business. 

4. How long does it take to make donuts? 

It takes approximately 5-6 hours. Our bakers arrive at 10 PM sometimes earlier (to make the dough, icing, proofing, frying, and coating). Therefore we would love to make a new batch when we are sold out, but due to the time constraints, it would be an unrealistic wait time.

5. What happens to the remaining donuts at the end of the day?

At the end of each day, the remaining donuts are donated to The Society of St. Vincent Depaul or to a local church to feed those who are in need of food assistance. 

6. Do you sell vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or sugar-free donuts? 

No sorry, we do not sell vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or sugar-free donuts. 

7. Do you deliver or do online ordering? 

No, we do not deliver or do online ordering. However feel free to call us and place an order (preferably 48 hours ahead of time).